Radiator + (Drew’s blend)Spicy Hot Chocolate (Collaboration with Desbarres Chocolates)

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Introducing a very special and hyper local collab, that is sure to please both lovers of top quality chocolate and chili peppers!

This silky hot chocolate is a collaboration with the masters of "bean to bar" chocolate Desbarres Chocolates.

They've added 3 types of our peppers (Ancho, Pasilla, Habanero), and other spices to their 72% dark chocolate blend to produce a winter drink that will warm from the inside out. Skillfully blending Pasilla for its sweet heat, Chile Ancho for its classic deep chili flavours, and Habanero for it's radiating heat!

There is just enough spice and pepper heat to warm and not leave you burning. Its like a cozy blanket on a wintry night. 

Contains 10 servings.

Ingredients: 72% dark chocolate (cacao nibs, cane sugar), cacao powder, cinnamon, HBF peppers (ancho chilies, pasilla chiles, Habanero), paprika

Weight: 250 g

Vegan, Gluten free, sodium free


Mix 3 tablespoons (25 g) of mix in 1 cup (250 ml) of hot milk (or water/ milk substitute), stirring until combined

You can also find Radiator (the milder version without Habanero) here at Desbarres Chocolate!