Ignite- Fire Cider Original w/ Honey

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Calling all spice lovers! Our Fire Cider collab with Foggy River Farm is back in stock, and this hyper local batch is just as a zesty and delightful as the first. 
Fire cider is a blend of vegetables and herbs infused in organic raw apple cider vinegar; a traditional herbal formula to restore, invigorate, and stimulate the body. Our unique recipe features garlic, honey, horseradish, onions, cayenne peppers, Turmeric root and ginger, plus botanicals to take it to the next level: echinacea, calendula, rosehips, nettle, and marshmallow. It’s the perfect intersection of food as medicine! 
Wondering how to enjoy it? 
SIP — Add 1 tbsp to 8 oz. water, stir, and sip.
MIX — Stir 1 tbsp into mocktails, mixers, sauces, dressings, or marinades (so good with olive oil)
SHOOT — Take 1 tbsp daily, or as a digestif after meals (dilute with 💧 to taste)
We absolutely love how this batch turned out and are so excited to share it with you again!
Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar*, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Onions, Fresh Horseradish, Sugars (raw wildlfower honey), Echinacea, Marshmallow, Calendula, Cayenne Pepper, Stinging Nettle, Rose Hips, Fresh Turmeric root